Rent As stated in the tenancy agreement rent is payable on the same day each month stipulated in the contractual agreement
Holding Deposit1 Weeks Rent or at the landlords discretion
Tenancy Deposit5 Weeks Rent or at the landlords discretion
Late Payment of Rent (7 days)Payable at the Rate set by the Bank of England +3%
Replace Lost Keys£25.00
Change of Tenancy Agreement£50.00
Early Termination Landlords Cost + Rent, Utility Bills until New tenant is Secured.
Council Tax, Utility & Communication ServicesThe Tenant/s are Liable for these costs

A holding deposit of one weeks rent is required in order to remove the property from the market and begin the necessary checks.

The holding deposit can be retained by Milestone Lettings Ltd in the event that a tenant:

  • Provides Milestone Lettings with incorrect or misleading information
  • Fails or cannot provide satisfactory  ‘Right to Rent’ documentation that is in line with our governing bodies requirements. i.e. out of data ID such as passports, drivers licences, Visa, Utility Statements etc
  • Withdraws from the rental of the property they have proceed with.
  • Fails to take all reasonable steps to enter into a tenancy agreement and the Agent/Landlord has taken all reasonable steps to do so

There is a 14 days period that the landlord/s and tenant/s have to enter in to a tenancy agreement once a holding deposit has been procured. The deadline for agreement will be come in to effect on the 15th day unless otherwise specified on the holding deposit declaration issued which is issued once the holding deposit is received to Milestone Lettings allocated bank account.

Early Termination

Early Termination of Tenancy – Early termination of tenancy will result in you, as the tenant, being liable for the costs the landlord would incur in securing a new tenant and any rent up until the day the new tenancy commences, not exceeding the rent that you would be liable to pay for the duration of the remaining tenancy term. Within this time, you will also be liable, as the tenant, to pay for any utility bills and council tax. Refer to Landlord Fees.

Changed to tenancy agreements

Where a tenant or tenants request a change is made to a tenancy agreement you will be charged as outlined above. This would include a change of rental date, change of name, change of person, change of sharer, change in rental figure and/or any changes to the terms within the agreement requiring a new/revised agreement to be completed to include the necessary change.

Late rent payments

On the occasion we do not receive your rental payment on the rental date specified in your AST, we will contact you to collect this payment. If there is a guarantor in place and we cannot make contact you, your guarantor will be called upon within 24 hours. If your rental payment is late, there will be a charge in line with the Bank of England’s base rate + 3% applied, chargeable from the date your rent was due and will be applied after the rent is 7 days overdue.

Replacement of lost keys

The tenant or tenants will be liable for the replacement of lost keys and/or security devices if a lock is in need of replace as a result of lost keys the cost of this will need to be made by yourselves. We can recommend you a locksmith but it is your responsibility to arrange this and provide Milestone Lettings Ltd and/or your landlord with a spare key feature.

Damage to the property

The Tenant under the tenant obligations stipulated in your tenancy agreement will reimburse the landlord for any damages caused by you  the tenant/s or anyone you permit into your home upon the invoice for works being received, payment should be made within an appropriate timescale. The tenant/s will also be aware that any damages that have been caused to the property and have not been repaired at your own cost, or paid the required invoice cost, will be claimed from your deposit at the expiration of your tenancy.

Redress scheme

Milestone Lettings is a member of the PRS and details of our accredited scheme is available upon request. Verification of our subscription can also be found on the PRS website.


All tenancy deposits are help with the DPS and once lodged the tenant/s will be sent supportive evidence via the DPS that their deposit has been lodged with this body.